Somos Presencia

The world is going through a change of paradigm.

Presence is a multidisciplinary space cocreated to promote and develop well-being in us, others and the planet.

We are Presence

Nowadays, neurosciences show that we can train our brain, our heart and our body to relate assertively with both internal and external experience.

Can we make well-being grow? Absolutely. We can expand our capacity to be with what is happening as it is happening in a flexible way. This requires a new perspective and a different way of relating to ourselves and each experience.

In Presence we develop individual, group and institutional programs and courses for those who wish to cultivate well-being. We work on.


Presence works in a network format led by well-known people and institutions with high reputation.

Alliances with academies, governments, NGOs, Grateful Living (Vivir Agradecidos) and a team of experts and facilitators.

Our work is based on active listening of our partners to adapt the program to their needs.

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