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Tejiendo redes

Tejiendo Redes (weaving networks) is a community born from the desire of educators trained in the Program Presence in Education, to keep in touch, sharing and growing in their mindfulness skills. Today, colleagues from Jujuy, Mendoza, CABA and Tigre (Bs. As.) meet monthly in a virtual meeting to practise, think and co- create innovative mindful activities to take to their classrooms, schools and communities.

We promote the link between educators from different places with the aim of weaving together a network using collective intelligence, finding strong ideas and support for our everyday work.

Ways of growing mindfulness qualities such as active listening, empathy, compassion, flexibility, gratefulness, acceptance, non-judgement, beginners’ mind and wonder.

Conscious that acquiring these traits take time, intention and steady work, we meet to walk our path and that of our community together with the aim to achieve individualand collective well-being.

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