Somos Presencia

Who make up Presence

We are an interdisciplinary team of specialists in emotional development, education and cognitive neurosciences, plus the professional advice of international experts.

Our facilitators, with a wide experience in the Program, are in charge of coordinating Presence virtual sessions. Counting with the help of an interdisciplinary team who is part of the board as well.

Management Team

Elena is a Professor/Lecturer/teacher (Nota: en inglés dependiendo de la institución y del puesto será el título) in Educational Sciences; she has a large number of postgraduate degrees in the field. She served as UNICEF education specialist for Latin America and is the author of numerous publications.

Lorena is a medical doctor from the University of Buenos Aires. She is a pediatric neurologist and studied contemplative practices and Ayurvedic medicine. She is a certified mindfulness instructor.

Nora is a teacher and has a degree in Educational Sciences with a specialty in Educational Technology. Throughout her professional career she has ventured into the area of Social Communication and Cognitive Psychology. She completed a master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

Evaluation Team

Operational Team

Facilitators Team


Presence works in a network format led by well-known people and institutions with high reputation.

Alliances with academies, governments, NGOs, Grateful Living (Vivir Agradecidos) and a team of experts and facilitators.

Our work is based on active listening of our partners to adapt the program to their needs.

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