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The way we relate when in crisis affects our sense of self and the idea of who we are. This reflects an anthropocentric, increasingly fragmented humanity.

Symptoms are clear; increase of anxiety disorder, depression, chronic stress, sense of loneliness, intolerance, wars and humanity’s abuse of planet resources, among others.

When talking about education, we should state what kind of humanity we want and need to cultivate integrated beings, able to unfold mind and body harmoniously; human beings who can offer a safe and caring context to others; people who can develop their originality and who, in turn, can feel belonging to the rest; people aware that the planet is part of our identity, of who we are.

To meet this goal, educators’ well-being is fundamental. There is evidence that proves the relation between educators’ stress/burnout and students’ learning. Taking care of educators is a pending matter to resolve. Teachers with socioemotional resources and abilities are in better conditions to enhance a safe and reliable learning environment.

Being part of a sustainable world requires both individual and collective changes. Let us start with those who educate. Only then will we be able to make decisions engaged with others and the planet.

Our purpose is to encourage teachers and members of the educational community to experience a scientifically proven formation that empowers both personal well-being and common good.

Our mission is to promote the growth of individual and collective habits, attitudes and abilities.


Grateful Living (Fundación Vivir Agradecidos) is a virtual community that promotes the value of gratefulness and inspiration for those who may feel the need to open their hearts to what makes them live a full life.
In September 2018 Grateful Living (Vivir Agradecidos) organized a meeting called Educating Our Future (Educando a nuestro futuro) in Buenos Aires city with 4500 participants.

Philosophers, educators, national and international scientists all shared their experience and knowledge enthusiastically with the aim to create consciousness about the need for healthier educational ecosystem. Out of this meeting emerged a strong need to introduce teaching learning skills focused on the development of self and shared well-being. (Desarrollo del ser y bienestar compartido).

With sustained intention Grateful Living (Vivir Agradecidos) gathered means, theoretical and scientific bases and wills to create what is known today as Presence in Education.

The world is living volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous scenarios. (VUCA) Pandemic provoked global upsets and brought about new challenges and opportunities to generate changes at individual and collective levels.

Education is not an exception.

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